Big Green Garden Education for Families at Home

  • Big Green has been working on adapting our in-school programs for home learning. You can find all the resources we are creating on the website The site contains resources organized on pages dedicated to either families or educators. It features weekly activities, lessons, recipes, demos, and many other resources that are easy to implement with few resources. We are highlighting materials when they are released weekly in a newsletter. The link to sign up for the weekly email is here.

    We will continue the work of developing and sharing out new material on a weekly basis. If you feel like educational material for youth (pre-k - 12th grade) centered on growing food, learning about plants and health, and exploring nature around us might be of value to the people you work with, please consider sharing in any upcoming newsletters, social media posts or other communications to help make sure people know about these materials.

    We are working hard to make sure the materials we present take into consideration the wide range of challenges Chicago's residents are facing right now to support youth. We are working now to make sure all resources are available in Spanish ASAP. We acknowledge that many needs are beyond Big Green's expertise, if there is any feedback you have to better serve families in your network with garden and food-based educational materials, please do let me know. Also, please let us know if there is a resource that you have put together that we can help elevate as well -- we would love to share with our networks. (Sam Koentopp,

    Best wishes,

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