Calls to Action: Support food workers fighting for their rights!

  • This is a thread to catalog all the petitions and calls to action the public can take to ensure workers who are deemed "essential" have safe working conditions, access to benefits, and higher pay.

  • The Food Chain Workers Alliance has a great list of what the community needs to do to support food workers in this time of crisis, including:

    • Calling on Government to Act
    • Demands of Big Food Corporations
    • Support Workers Organizing
    • Donate to direct needs and food worker funds
    • Support & Share Resources

    Check out the link for how to take action!

  • Instacart workers have demanded more safety precautions, hazard pay, and sick leave pay for workers who are at risk for complications with COVID-19 or are in need of self-quarantine due to symptoms. See their full list of demands here.

    The public can support Instacart workers by calling 1-888-246-7822 to demand the company act, but their website currently has a note regarding a high call volume and long wait times. You can also email an Instacart “community support member” at or get in touch through Twitter to express your concerns about the welfare of their shoppers.

  • Tell USDA: Stop allowing food safety waivers!
    The USDA just took a step that endangers food safety and public health during a pandemic. It has granted regulatory waivers to speed up slaughter lines at a chicken plant. And it's allowing a beef slaughter plant to self-regulate and take over food safety inspections that are supposed to be done by trained government inspectors.

    Granting food safety waivers during a national public health crisis and further endangering public health is unthinkable. That’s why we need Congress to put a halt to USDA’s regulatory waivers.

    Tell your representative that the USDA must stop any and all future food safety waivers.
    -Food & Water Action

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